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productive-activity-for-kidsIt’s that fun time of the year again, summer! My kids and I are so excited. There’s no school work to deal with and we don’t have to get up early. There’s so much time to laze around and enjoy the day. I know that my kids are looking forward to watching movies and playing the whole day.

As much as I want to give them all the time for play, I think I should also get them to become more productive. I know they’re a little too young but I do want them to do something more meaningful than just play the whole day. So I’m thinking of some fun activities that I can do with them.

Garage Sale

Having a garage sale is the best way for my kids to become productive this summer. First of all, they will learn about the value of earning money. Second of all, they will learn how to sell. My kids can clean out their rooms and decide which of their toys can be put up for sale. They can decide on the prices and prepare for the day of sale. As they’re doing this, they can also clean out their rooms.

The learning experience from this particular summer activity will truly be valuable. Together with that, they will earn a couple of bucks that they can spend this summer. This is one learning activity that I don’t have to pay for.

Create Something

Summer is a good time to challenge my kids to create something. But of course, they would have to decide as to what they want to create. I will ruin the fun if I dictate to them what to create. Maybe they want to create or make something; it’s all up to them. My job is to challenge them to create something and to appreciate whatever outcome they deliver.

Read A Book

It would be pretty hard to get the little ones to pick up a book this summer. But it’s definitely worth a try. Of course, I would have to be there for them. Most probably, I would end up reading the book to them. But that’s okay. I can have them choose a book they like. Then I can read it to them for an hour everyday. I think it’s a good (and affordable) summer activity. It’s also a wonderful bonding activity for me and my kids.

Learn Something

I would like to encourage my kids to learn something this summer. But they would have to decide as to what they want to learn. They can take up swimming, basketball, or even soccer. They can also take up painting or drawing; it’s really all up to them.

Of course, I have my own preferences. If I had my way, I would want them to learn how to swim but I shouldn’t dictate to them. I really believe that hey need to learn something that they’re interested in. I still want to make their summer fun even if I’m desperately getting them to become more productive. Nonetheless, I think summer is the best time for them to learn something that’s not school related.

I think these are fun and meaningful activities my kids can really learn from. The good thing about it is that we don’t need to leave home and spend money. As a matter of fact, my kids can even earn a couple of bucks from the garage sale activity. So I’m confident that whatever they choose to do, they will definitely be productive this summer.

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shoebox-organizerA clutter-free home organization system could easily be achieved by the use of the simplest and most common home finds. Shoeboxes are most useful for home organization. With different sizes and kinds shoeboxes could readily be used to store all sorts of things for the kitchen, bathroom, garage, and any other room in the house. Without a doubt, shoeboxes can be used to store almost anything. For aesthetic purposes, each shoebox may be wrapped in all kinds of paper, recycled or otherwise. The wrappers may be color-coded depending on what room it would be used for.

These colorfully wrapped shoeboxes may also be labelled for easy identification of contents. Creativity is the key here. Either label the boxes by simply writing on them or, may be, use some old cut outs of old greeting cards for decorative purposes. Others may choose to be fancier by using electronic labellers. Regardless of the means, labelling these boxes is beneficial.

Shoeboxes are often just thrown away. But they could really be useful around the house. With a little creativity and imagination, shoeboxes can help save a lot dollars in storage containers for the house. Home organization can be more affordable and at the same time, earth-friendly.

Beautifully decorated shoeboxes could be used to store old letters, recipe cards, arts and crafts supplies, just to mention a few. They could also be amazing foundation for paper mache art. There is just no limit as to how to reuse and recycle shoeboxes. No doubt, they could really be useful.

Freeing our homes from clutter or eyesores by recreating shoeboxes is a fun project for both parents and children to do. Not only would the parents be able to introduce the value of recycling and neatness but also the kids would be taught to use their imagination and creativity. Furthermore, the kids can find other uses for other household stuff in order to save on money and resources. This is a very valuable lesson to teach the kids at the same time, beautify the home.

Creating more storage spaces in the home need not be expensive. With some creativity, it can also be fun.